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Just Plate Crazy, LLC.

Greenhouse License Plate Sign

Greenhouse License Plate Sign

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Elevate your gardening haven with our 'Greenhouse' license plate sign, thoughtfully crafted on a cedar wood plaque measuring 17 inches in length and 8 inches in height. Merging the rustic charm of cedar wood with a garden-inspired license plate design, this unique piece adds a touch of character to your green oasis.

The natural beauty of cedar wood enhances the overall aesthetic, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere in your greenhouse or garden space. The 'Greenhouse' message, presented in a stylish license plate format, celebrates your love for gardening and the cultivation of vibrant flora.

Hang this plaque with pride, showcasing your dedication to nurturing plants and creating a thriving green environment. The high-quality craftsmanship and personalized touch make it a standout addition to your garden decor.

Elevate your gardening experience with this custom-crafted wooden sign. The cedar wood's distinct grain patterns make each piece unique, contributing to the overall appeal of the design. Let your 'Greenhouse' license plate plaque become a focal point in your gardening sanctuary, symbolizing your passion for cultivating natural beauty.

The sign shown is the sign that will be sent.

Since we use REAL license plates, please expect them to have some ware and imperfections. It is fun to think that every license plate we use was actually on a vehicle driving around somewhere in the U.S.

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