• About Us

    Hello! I'm Trina, and along with my husband Steve, we enjoy crafting meaningful signs, using pieces of license plates!

    Since 2017, we have made over 16,000 license plate signs and have over 4,000 5-star reviews on Etsy. We look forward to making something meaningful for you!

  • About Our Products

    Are you looking for a unique gift that you won't find at the big box stores? Check out our many layouts for anniversary, graduation, birthday, recovery, and special occasions. What makes our license plate signs "a cut above" the rest???

    # 1 An artful eye paired with quality craftsmanship! We work great as a team! I, (Trina), use an artful eye to arrange pieces with a good color flow and he, (Steve), offers top-notch craftsmanship. Look closely and notice the perfection!

    # 2 Colorful license plates! We have developed relationships with many sources and are continually buying plates that are in good condition, have great color, and plenty of graphical interest. We incorporate both embossed and flat style license plates which allows us to accommodate custom state request for states that switched to the newer style of plate years ago.

    # 3 Aged cedar wood plaques! Our unique 4-piece cedar wood plaques have an authentic aged/weathered color with the wonderful wood grain and knots showing through. Plaques are sanded on all sides and edges to give a rustic/reclaimed wood look.

    We take pride in our finished product and love the creative process!

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  • Join the Fun, Join ALPCA!

    The Automobile License Plate Collectors Association (ALPCA), founded in 1954, is dedicated to the promotion of license plate collecting, research, the exchange of information and plates, and the benefits of sharing a common interest with people all over the world. ALPCA is far and away the largest license plate collectors organization in the world. ALPCA has over 2,800 members in the 50 US states and 19 countries. Our annual International Conventions are typically attended by nearly 500 collectors, and we have dozens of smaller regional events al over the country throughout the year (for informational use, I'm not compensated).

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