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Just Plate Crazy, LLC.

Beach House License Plate Sign

Beach House License Plate Sign

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Bring the coastal vibes to your beach house with our Beach House License Plate and Cedar Wood Sign – a delightful and nautical addition to your seaside retreat! Expertly crafted with vintage license plates and the natural appeal of cedar wood, this unique sign captures the essence of coastal living.

Measuring a generous 20.5 inches in length and 8 inches in width, this Beach House Sign is more than just a piece of decor; it's a statement of your love for the sun, sea, and sand. Each carefully selected license plate, reminiscent of coastal travels, is arranged on a solid cedar wood backing, creating a substantial and visually captivating piece that radiates beachy charm.

Hang it proudly in your beach house, coastal cottage, or seaside-themed space to infuse your surroundings with the relaxed spirit of the shore. The combination of weathered license plates and the natural textures of cedar wood creates a timeless and beach-inspired decoration.

Whether you're a coastal enthusiast or simply drawn to the serenity of beach living, our Beach House License Plate and Cedar Wood Sign is the perfect choice. Embrace the coastal lifestyle with this handcrafted sign that transforms your space into a haven of seaside relaxation and coastal authenticity. Welcome the beach home in style!

Our process: Each license plate is hand chosen, hand scrubbed (Montana wins for the stickiest bugs), hand cut, and attached with screws to a handmade aged cedar wood plaque that consists of 4 wood pieces. Since wood reacts to the aging process differently, please expect each plaque to similar, but not identical, to the one shown. Each wood plaque is sanded on all sides. We have chosen cedar for our wood plaques because it is durable outdoors, it is native to Washington state making it easily accessible, and it has a nice grain and knotting which lends to the "rustic/repurposed" feel we are going for.

Since we use REAL license plates, please expect them to have some ware and imperfections. It is fun to think that every license plate we use was actually on a vehicle driving around somewhere in the U.S.

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