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Just Plate Crazy, LLC.

Aluminum Tin Traditional 10th Anniversary Gift | Unique 10 Year Anniversary Gift for Husband or Wife

Aluminum Tin Traditional 10th Anniversary Gift | Unique 10 Year Anniversary Gift for Husband or Wife

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Here is the most unique 10 year aluminum anniversary gift for him or her! This custom license plate date sign is a perfect 10th tin anniversary gift because it combines your wedding date with aluminum license plates-so cool! Give a personalized 10th anniversary gift your husband or wife will remember.

Includes your date in the format of MM DD YY with spacer pieces in between.

Please read full description.

Personalize the anniversary date sign with any date!

💌We ship quickly! We work hard to have our plaques and pieces stocked so we can offer a quick 1-2 days in house lead time.

💌We are not accepting orders for the dates of 10/10/10, 11/11/11, 10/01/11, 10/11/12, or 12/12/12. Limit of four 0's and four 1's for all other dates. We simply don't have enough 0's and 1's to include more than four each per sign. Thanks for understanding.

💌50 U.S. States, only, no WA D.C.


We would love to create a custom sign for you, but we need to be realistic about what we can offer.

There are 3 choices:
🎁 Random State Pieces – The pieces for your sign will include pieces from various states based on our current inventory and color.
🎁 Custom State Pieces - When you choose # of custom state pieces this means the number of custom state PIECES (not pieces ONLY from those states). Your sign will have ONE PIECE per state and the other pieces will be filled in with pieces based on our current inventory and color. If you list 3 states, then you would choose the "3 custom state pieces" option - 1 PIECE per state=3 custom state PIECES.
🎁 ONLY CUSTOM PCS - Includes ONLY pieces from specific states. Choose this if you would like your sign made with pieces from ONLY the custom states you choose . There must be AT LEAST 3 STATES for ALL CUSTOM. No state placement requests.

✔ If you request a state that now uses flat plates, your design may include both flat and embossed license plate styles.
✔ We use actual license plates so some slight scratching from their previous life as a license plate is to be expected.
✔ We are unable to place pieces from specific states in a specific order.


These one-of-a-kind license plate signs are created using a colorful variety of license plates from around the U.S. Each piece is precisely cut and mounted with shiny screws to an aged cedar wood plaque.

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