Gearing up for Football Season!

In preparation for the upcoming football season we made several Seahawks signs. Some say “GO-HAWKS”, “12-MAN”, L-O-B, and SEAHAWKS. We used all Washington license plates to create these one-of-a-kind signs. The cedar wood plaque is painted with “Seahawk” blue so the plates look super sharp against the dark background.

Side note: We were at a local craft fair this summer and a lady said that she wanted to buy one of our SEAHAWKS license plates to put on her car instead of her DOL issued license plate. The signs we make are not license plates…they are made using discontinued license plates. So consider this a warning…you can not put these signs on your car…may have gone without saying, but…!

If you cheer on another team, we can make a sign for you! Just let us know the team and we will make the sign and send you proof. If you like it, we will invoice you via paypal and it will soon be hanging in your favorite room!

This is a unique gift for Christmas, birthday, or anniversary.